White Selenito Lamp - Natural - vários tamanhos

Selenite Lamps really nice.

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Selenite Lamps really nice.
Three sizes:
Size 1 -
16/20 cm
Size 2 - 20/25 cm
Size 3 - +25 cm
Tamaño 4: 40/45 cm .
Beauty and natural health for all.

An object of great beauty for his(its) home(fireplace). The specialists in Feng Shui recommend this type of lamps since(as,like) armonizador of the environment. They are elaborated using natural rocks of saline crystal formed during million years. For this reason every lamp is the only copy(specimen) that changes lightly of the others in his(its) tonality and form. On having warmed up for effect of the bulb installed in his(its) interior, it(he,she) expresses(emits) negative beneficial ions for the human being. Ideal for rooms with asthmatic allergic children, sick, and persons. Recommended by specialists in cromoterapia for his(its) emission(issue) of orange, beneficial light to relax tensions and to help to create a distended and agreeable environment.

The lamps of salt are ionizadores natural that fill the house, office or trade of a very comfortable and agreeable warmth. Our physical and mental health is influenced between(among) other things by the correct ionization of our environment. The lamps of salt are ionizadores natural that contribute warmth and clarity to the spaces. The salt with which these lamps are made contains almost all the trace elements (especially stands out his(its) high place contained in iodine) on which there depends the good functioning of the organism(organisation). The iodine enriches the amabiente with negative ions, balancing this way the excess of positive ions harmful to the health. The lamps of salt are ionizadores natural that obsorben the excess of electromagnetic waves expressed(emitted) by radioes(radiuses), TV, computers. 

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