Thousand and one nights - mixed Baghdad - Al - Andalus teas - from 100 g

Thousand and one nights (mixed Baghdad): mix of specialty green teas with black tea, flowers, fruits and natural aroma.

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Availability date: 2014-05-29
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Thousand and one nights (mixed Baghdad): mix of special green tea with black tea, flowers, fruits and natural aroma.

Delight your guests with this delicious Andalusian mixture. They will be impressed.

The you green It is an excellent shield against some diseases, at the same time increasing our vitality.
Studies have shown that consumption of tea may help the body against the LDL (bad cholesterol) and prevent problems. Tea is also anti-inflammatory, so it helps the heart to work properly.

The five essential properties of black tea are as follows:
-It is an antioxidant: like other varieties of tea, black tea has a good concentration of polyphenols, which act as a protective against radical free, help fight aging and cardiovascular problems.
-It is astringent: to have a good concentration of tannins, which are those who give it a bitter taste, its consumption is ideal to fight diarrhea and gastritis.
-It is a diuretic: black tea is working significantly with the Elimination of fluids of the body.
-It is comforting and low calorie: black tea provides practically no calories but yes gives feeling of satiety. It is ideal to replace other drinks.
-It is encouraging: It contains active substances that Act on the central nervous system. For this reason, it is good for breakfast.

From Granada.

Bulk from 100 gr.

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