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Natural Loofah - sponge back no. 1 Natural Exfoliator - NOVELTY

100% organic natural product. Preferred.

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    100% organic natural product. Preferred.

    Luffa or Loofah also known as: loofah, Loofah, sponge, grass, paste
    and edges squash is native to india but grows in wild way in the Amazon jungle.
    The Luffa is a natural sponge, with a thin, tough, elastic and soft fibers when they are wet. It initially presents a flat texture and wet it swells like a sponge.
    Loofah sponge is used as a scrub, where presents the advantages with respect to its competitors made with synthetic materials or in front of the sea sponges.

    Method of use:
    1 - Abundantly wet natural sponge and rub thoroughly with SOAP or shower gel.
    2 - Gently rub the skin with circular and regular movements.
    3 - Wash the skin with water and continue the massage without SOAP for complete cleaning.

    Note: regular use stimulates the circulation of clean blood deep pores, removes sebum and dead skin cells.
    Format elongated handles on the back. Available in various colors.
    Measures: 50 x 11 cm.


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