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Jewelry box trunk - velvet - marquetry Egypt - 2 sizes

New - new model.

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    New - new model.

    Jewelry box white trunk made by the artisan tecnia of marquetry of Egypt. Internally lined with red velvet padding. Very good quality. Varnish finish.

    The large model includes tray with sepadadores (the small model does not). Both models feature key.

    The ideal gift.

    Small: 20´5 x 13 x 11´5 cm.
    Large: 26 x 16´5 x 13´5 cm.

    Marquetry is a craft technique applied to the cladding of floors, walls, furniture, sculptures and art objects. Cut pieces of different materials are used in the work (stones, marble, wood, metals etc.), which are fitting on a stand to make the decorative design. It is an inlay work. Between pieces and others there is a contrast effect that depends on the color and the characteristic of the material used.

    In marquetry basis between one piece and other embedded, bedding is not as with the mosaic. The material that will go embedded with the shape of the design, is placed on the surface or medium and draw the outline is cut. Once embodied the stand drawing, is emptied slightly, leaving a hole where it will embed the marquetry; thenIt is smooth and the whole allana so that the surface is level.

    Ming (1368-1644) is news of work of the marquetry of the Sumerian era in Mesopotamia (3000 years BC) and the dynasty in China. It spread throughout Asia minor (today Turkey) and later the Romans adopted it when they came into contact with the Hellenistic world. They called this art incrustatio or loricatito. Pliny the elder makes an extensive description of this technique in his work Naturalis history. Parts with that scale, were called crustae. The Arabs introduced this technique in Spain, that marquetry is derived from the Arabic word Tar'sia, which means embedding.


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