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Myrrh in grain - quality - Real gift - from 25 Gr.

Formerly the Persian Kings wore crowns of the myrrh tree wood.

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    Formerly the Persian Kings wore crowns of the myrrh tree wood.

    In the Middle Ages it was customary to offer myrrh on the night of the Kings.

    It is one of the offerings that the Kings made to Jesus: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

    To slitting the bark of myrrh is exudes a substance between whitish and yellow that it thickens and becomes a reddish-brown paste.

    It promotes the receptivity and spiritual relaxation.

    It creates a protective environment.

    It can burn on hot coals, charcoal tablets (the more rapid and comfortable) or electric burner, but to appreciate its fragrance to the maximum the ideal is to burn it in a Brazier in the following manner:

    Brasero1 we need a Brazier with hot coals and ashes.
    Brasero2 - Create a layer of ash about 1 cm (can be thicker or less depending on the strength of coals).

    3. put half a teaspoon of this incense on the ashes (can use more or less incense until you obtain the desired intensity of odor).

    In this way we obtain the true fragrance of incense already that this is anger eating little by little.

    This method can be used for any type of incense.


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