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Salt fine Himalayan - Kala Namak - 1kg black


The Black salt from India o Kala namakIt is a salt of volcanic origin, has a distinct sulfur taste and is rich in iron and sulphur, used primarily in the cooked Indian or pakistani.

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    Compared with common salt has less sodium content What makes it advisable for all those who need low sodium diets, for example people with high blood pressure or heart problems. The problem of this salt is that depending on the origin and the processing can result in quite a few variations in their composition, and as it has a low power 'salador' is often modified to this increase and thus his sodium level increases, so if you want it to use, please, before you have to check with your doctor or nutritionist.

    It is rich in hydrogen sulfide What gives it a very particular taste that we could remember the fried egg, or cooked egg. For this reason it is very used in the Vegan kitchen para imitar este sabor, y así, por ejemplo si condimentamos tofu con esta sal, en una ensalada, bien podríamos llamarla Vegan egg salad, because it mimics it very well.

    Is also used in the kitchen ayurvedai.e., the type of cuisine that focuses on the individual and helps us to know that we feel food good or bad. Thus, each individual will have a specific nutritional guidance because according to medicine ayurveda every body behaves in a different way.


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