Anise - in-grain-high quality - 200 gr View larger

Anise - in-grain-high quality - 200 gr


Anise is a seed that soothes upset stomach, activated their secretions, tonifies the heart function, protects against infections, regulates the menstrual cycle and activates the functions of neurons.

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    REALTORS and uses of Anise:

    • Sedative: excellent torque rhythm nerves and anxiety, low stress, relaxes.

     Carminative: mostly green anise, one of the best carminative that alleviates gas.


    • Digestive system: It has a compound called atenol, acting beneficently on digestion, favoring the digestive process. It is very effective in case of heavy digestion or indigestion, as well as when there is empachos or intestinal fermentation.

    • Expectorant: It helps to expel phlegm and mucus from the lungs. Very useful in cases of cough with phlegm, cough or respiratory problems.

    • Anti-inflammatory and antitussive: It helps the lungs to get rid of excess secretions, to decrease inflammation in the case of bronchitis and cough.

    • Menstruation: the green anise fruits are good remedy to normalize irregular menstrual periods, as well as to relieve cramps or very painful ciclcos.

    • Breastfeeding: It stimulates the production of milk in women of stage of lactation.

    • Babies: very useful to soothe colic in babies, even if there is abuse.

    • Aphrodisiac: It is said to increase libido

    • Posse estragole, fatty oils and Hill.

    • Ideal to relieve gastritis.


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