Beans peeled-dry-Special - kitchen Arabic - 1 kg

Dry beans are very common in the diet of Arabic.

 It is very rich in phosphorus, vitamin B9 and is one of the foods richest in B1.

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Benefits of dry beans

Given its high amount of protein, dry beans is a food especially recommended for muscular development. Foods rich in protein such as this food, are recommended during childhood, adolescence and pregnancy since in these stages, a greater intake of this nutrient is necessary.

Beans dry, being rich in potassium, helps good circulation, regulating blood pressure so it is beneficial for people suffering from hypertension. Potassium containing this food helps regulate body fluids and can help prevent arthritis or rheumatic disease.

Take dried beans, being between foods rich in fiber, help to promote intestinal transit. Include foods with fiber in the diet, as this food, also helps to control obesity. It is also recommended to improve control of blood glucose in people with diabetes, reduce cholesterol and prevent colon cancer.

Beans dry, being rich in phosphorus, help to maintain our bones and teeth as well as a balanced skin because it helps maintain your natural PH. By its high phosphorus content this food helps to have greater physical strength. This mineral also helps improve biological functionsof the brain.

By its high content in vitamin B1, the consumption of dry beans, helps overcome stress and depression. Foods rich in vitamin B1, or thiamine, as this food are highly recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding and also after operations or during periods of convalescence, since in these periods there are an increased wear of this vitamin.

Dry beans vitamin B9, or folic acid makes this a highly recommended food for consumption at stages of pregnancy or breastfeeding. This food can also help to combat the harmful effects of certain drugs that absorb vitamin B9 and can help people non / smoking, as these habits, cause malabsorption of folate.

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