Eastern curry-Especia-- 130 gr. View larger

Eastern curry-Especia-- 130 gr.


Curry is a mixture of spices machacadasdispone of medicinal and culinary use.

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    Curry health benefits

    But according to the medicinal properties of the curry mixture composed, notably its large capacity antiseptic intestinal. The curry is highly recommended in case ofindigestion or intestinal infectionsprovided that these do not pursue with diarrhea intense.


    Curry also stimulates appetite in cases of dyspepsia. On the other hand, curry prevent type II diabetes and even obesity, slightly speeding up the metabolism.


    The benefits of curry, not stay there and that it has antioxidants and certain types of cancer-preventive properties.


    Is currently studying the possible use of curry as Alzheimer's prevention.


    Cinnamon, stimulating the circulation in the abdominal region, is another ingredient of the Curry and the only natural aphrodisiac recognized by Western medicine. 


    Varieties green, and especially the red, tend to be more spicy, and therefore can be irritants in people not used. Even so, curry does not present contraindications themselves.


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