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Spherical-Onyx lamp


Spherical Onyx lamp

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    Spherical Onyx lamp

    It has a very pleasant and welcoming light.

    Ideal for creating ambient or as emergency light.

    It includes electrical installation.

    Onyx or Onyx (from the Greek onyx, claw) also known as marble or limestone Onyx Onyx, is a mineral of the Group IV (oxides), according to the classification of Strunz, regarded as semi-precious stone. It is composed of silica (SiO2, Silicon oxide). It has a volcanic origin, caused by the accumulation of volcanic gases. It is used mainly in jewelry and decorative items, by the appeal of its greenish tones, and the quality of its polished. In Argentina this stone is located in the town of La Toma, San Luis province, and its surroundings. There held that its quarries are the only ones on the planet; and are, but only in green Onyx. The world's largest producer of Onyx is Pakistan. In Mexico the America's largest zone is in la Laguna (State of Durango).


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