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Columna-Cobre still Artesano-destilacion essences and liqueurs

Still model column (for essential oils or liquor) made by hand riveted copper.It is composed of several parts.Product of great quality and finish. European manufacturing.Available in various sizes. If you want any size

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    Still model column (for essential oils or liquor) made by hand riveted copper.

    It is composed of several parts.

    Product of great quality and finish. European manufacturing.

    Available in various sizes. If you want any size in particular they can be custom made.

    The alembic (from Arabic to el-inbīq الأنبيق, from Greek ambix ἄμβιξ, 'copa') or alquitar (from the Arabic Al qaṭṭārah القطارة, ' which distills') is a device used for the distillation of liquid through a process of evaporation by heating and subsequent condensation by cooling. Genius of universal science, around the tenth century of our era, was invented by Al - Razi, to produce perfumes, medicines and alcohol from fermented fruit.
    It is a tool of simple distillation which consists of a boiler or retort, where the mixture is heated. Emitted vapors leave through the top and cool in a coil located in a container water cooled. The resulting liquid is collected in the final tank.

    The process consists in that it first evaporating fluids with less temperature change of State, so that, after the condensation, meet in the Middle thinmore concentrated l. Thus, scents or alcohols are concentrated.
    Laboratory stills are usually fiberglass, but the used for the distillation of alcoholic beverages are made usually of copper, because this material does not provide alcohol flavour, resists acids and conducts heat well.

    When liquids from alcoholic fermentation of fruit, are distilled as alcohol boils at a temperature (80 ° C), lower to the water, fumes that first form are that, although mixed with a small proportion of water, and gets to distil a greater alcoholic strength than the original substance.

    The basic idea would be to heat the mixture to distill in the boiler. By increasing the temperature more volatile products which will begin to rise from the capitel, which must have a volume determined in relation to the boiler, to avoid condensing of evaporated liquid, and from there to the Swan neck, often transformed into a coil in which the steam condensed by reducing the temperature, and collected in the final vessel in liquid form are separatedhelped by the set of cooling.
    Source: Wikipedia.


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