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Ayurvedic toothpaste with Medicinal extract Neem-100 ml - DABUR


Ayurvedic toothpaste with Neem medicinal plant extract.

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    Ayurvedic toothpaste with Neem medicinal plant extract.

    "It leaves a fresh taste and a pleasant breath"

    It contains extract of leaves of "Neem" (a natural cleaning element) combined with aromatic herbs based on "Ayurveda" the Indian traditional method of health care that allows complete and secure oral hygiene.

    Azadirachta indica, better known as neem tree or tree of the nim, by its intrinsic properties, is without a doubt a biological treasure, is in itself a genuine and comprehensive pharmacy. It has alkaloids such as the margosina and other active substances capable of effectively combat common ailments and more than 60 diseases, such as tuberculosis, measles, leprosy, malaria, diabetes, bronchitis, intestinal parasites, hypertension, arthritis, pyorrhea, sinusitis, syphilis, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, ringworm, ulcers, tumors and a long etcetera. We will hardly find another vegetable resource so complete and versatile, with many therapeutic applications.

    Neem has been declared by the UN as "the tree of the 21st century". And is that, as said a researcher at the American Academy of science, "if I had to save one floor of a hypothetical global catastrophe, there would be no doubt about the choice: neem tree". 

    It has not experienced with animals and is suitable for vegetarians.

    Format: 100 ml


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