Traditional Tuareg dagger made in Alpaca

Craftsman knife made by the tribe of the Tuareg in Niger.Medidas: 29´5 cm x 8´5 LABC cover is made of alpaca and wood handle. It has rings to hang.The

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Craftsman knife made by the tribe of the Tuareg in Niger.

Measures: 29´5 cm x 8´5 cm

The cover is made in alpaca and wood handle. It has rings to hang.

The tuareg (Arabic: طوارق) are a nomadic Berber people that live in the Sahara desert, and have their own writing, the tifinagh. In antiquity, engaged in plunder villages, controlling also the desert routes.

The Tuareg people living in the central and western area of the Sahara and North of the Sahel. For the Tuareg, the Sahara is not a desert, but several United receiving the name of Tinariwen "deserts". Between the deserts of Northwest Africa, it highlights the Tenere. Also include numerous deserts, that they differentiate between more and less arid, flat or mountainous: Adrar, Tagant, Tawat (Touat) Tanezruft, Adghagh n Fughas, Tamasna, Azawagh, Adar, Damargu, Tagama, Manga, Ayr, Tarramit (Termit), Kawar, Jado, Tadmait, Admer, Igharghar, Ahaggar, Tassili N' N'ajjer, Tadrart, Idhan, Tanghart, Fezzan, Tibesti, Kalansho and the Libyan desert.

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