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Therapeutic properties

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Therapeutic properties
Bergamot oil belongs to the light and stimulating fragrances.It acts as an illuminator of moods and you can release the spiritual pressure. It also has exceptional antiseptic properties, suppressed the flatulence, antispasmodic and in its external application it is very beneficial for the treatment of wounds.

With internal application, the essence acts against fears, depressive disorders, infections of the intestines and flatulence and colic. One or two drops of the essence of sugar are swallowed or dissolved in honey approximately half hour before meals.

By applying it to the skin, bergamot oil helps against the more different infectious diseases. Baths, which are prepared by mixing three drops of the essence with four liters of hot water are recommended for treating infections of the vagina in its outer region (itching of vagina, gonococcus infections). Gargle, if there are infections in the area of the oral cavity and throat, used a drop of the essence in a glass of water.

For its healing properties, bergamot oil can be applied successfully to heal wounds that are slow to heal or that oozing, preparing a lotion with a liter of waterdistilled (obtained at pharmacies) with three drops of essence. Shaking everything in a bottle and is applied in compresses. To combat dirt, oily skin, dandruff on the scalp or infections (herpes) were, applies essential oil directly on the diseased part of the skin.

Bergamot oil is often a component of cosmetics, because it increases the sensitivity to light of the skin and helps a Tan faster. But it can also produce pigmentation disorders, so it never should apply it on the skin without prior dilution.

The essential oil of bergamot also gives Earl-Grey tea its typical aroma.

For more information: http://propiedadesdelaceite.jaimaalkauzar.es/propiedades-del-aceite-de-bergamota.html#more-62

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