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Alum powder - body or feet - Natural product - 100 gr


Alum body or foot powder.

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    Alum body or foot powder.

    Corporal use:
    It is a refreshing and deodorant talc. It works effectively in the destruction of the odor-causing bacteria and gives your body a cool, dry day and feeling of comfort and relaxation.

    Use feet:
    Its formula is unique for the effective prevention of foot odor.

    It is composed of natural mineral salts that help to eliminate the smell of feet and helps the known disease prevention of athlete's foot.

    The dust of the feet offers multiple benefits:
    -It controls the foot odor-causing bacteria.
    -Reduces the profuse sweating foot.
    -Remove the growth of fungi on the feet and shoes.
    -Refreshes the feet.

    Method of use: use talcum powder as a in the areas to be treated.


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