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Everyone needs time to relax the tired of every day.

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Everyone needs time to relax the tired of every day.

You can use this therapy with your partner/friend.

Treatment with stones indicates the relationship between placement of hot and cold basalt and marble stones massage
body therapeutic. This massage technique is very appreciated in the Wellness-Oasen from around the world.

The technique would result in India is more than 5000 years old. Also in the Mayan culture spoke of "Ayurveda", an old tradition of
Salvation and the essence of a spring of universal life. This energy is named as "Prana", in Spanish "Vital air", which is released through the placement of stone cold and hot.

The combination of stones and gentle massage with ethereal oils, penetrate into the muscles and eliminate contractures.

The use of cold stones decreases inflammations. The alternative use of hot and cold stones stimulates the blood circulation and promotes the healing process. Acute pain and chronic diseases may be also alleviated.

The effect that the change of heat and cold are usually recognized. This is used for standard treatmentsin joints and muscle damage. Stimulates the bloodstream, prevents the accumulation of blood in the injured areas and diverted the toxic waste of the damaged areas.

The stone therapy combines the advantages of the cold and the heat at the same time!

The stones give / withdrawn cold and heat of the body, but distorts other than an ice pack or a heat pad. The weight of the stones penetrates in the body through the skin and the muscles doing
that its effect is completely different to that of traditional treatments of cold and heat. Some people perceive a strong and penetrating, effect which is much more intense that a the lived a traditional treatment.

Through this stone therapy you relax, be cooled, debug it and feel balanced.

The stone therapy is the restitution of nature, whose purity and naturalness is often placed in the background.

People who placed one of these stones between his clothing will notice the following relief:

-Decrease of muscle aches, contractwas and changes
-Improvement of the blood circulation.
-Rheumatic pain and arthritis relief
-Back pain
-Stress, fear and tension.

Indian Yogis used won power to help the process of healing through meditation, exercises of breathing, massage, etc. Other ways to help, such as crystals, stones, herbs, flowers placed beside your hands at the same time.

The origin of the stone massage data from thousands of years ago: healers gathered stones of the channels of the rivers, and heated them with hot water or incandescent carbon. It was believed that, through the placement of stones hot on the body, energy points on the body are stimulated. Hot stones relax the muscles, soothe muscle aches and the.

Includes instructions for back, shoulders, arms, shoulders and feet.

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