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Henna Natural - Sahara Tararine - great quality - Natural - 80 gr


For tattoos and hair.Magical and healing properties attributed to him, in some cultures it is considered sacred.

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    For tattoos and hair.

    Magical and healing properties attributed to him, in some cultures it is considered sacred.

    Henna is a dye made from the plant called henna, a shrub that grows in North Africa and the India. From the leaves and the stem, both dried and crushed, produces a powder called Henna. It has a cooling effect on the skin, if we apply it on the hair will reduce the grease level and make sure hair is stronger and has more body.

    Henna is able to outwardly tinturar hair and even penetrate into the fibers of the same, thus is the only natural colouring can dye the roots. After applied, the color lasts up to three months.

    In addition to be a coloring, the Henna, is a tonic for the hair, which you delivers an aspect more healthy, as greater texture and brightness, this is due to its composition chemical.

    Among its uses, has been recognized for its effectiveness to control hair loss, reduce dandruff and give more vitality to it. But mainly stands out for being a very strong and effective dye to give or to enhance a reddish tone.

    Before using it please bear in mind that this coloration is very persistent, or long lasting, so it is not recommendedIf you want to then change back color, in fact, it is better if you have reddish hair and only want to intensify that tone.

    When handling it, remember use gloves, so that your hands are not also tinturen.


    Wash the hair with a normal shampoo, pour powder of Henna in a Nonmetal container, then add a little water and stir until a uniform paste and apply.

    Depending on the tone that you want, you can determine the time so I acted, it should be between 30 to 45 minutes.

    Finally, dry in the Sun and wash again.


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    This henna is intended to use on skin and so far I like it a lot!

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